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CRGO Cold Rolled Silicon Steel Coil For Transformer

Lugar de origem: China
Número modelo: ZZSC-1
Certificação: ISO9001


Introdução 1.Product:

Frio rolled oriented silicon steel, also known as cold rolled transformer steel, is an important ferrosilicon alloy used in transformer (core) manufacturing industry. Its production process is complex and its manufacturing technology is strict. It is mainly divided into ordinary oriented silicon steel (CGO) and high magnetic induction oriented silicon steel (HiB). 


1)Material: all available

2) Tamanho: conforme o cliente,requerimento

3)Surface treatment: as per customer,requerimento

4) Embalagem: embalagem padrão digna do mar

5)Processing service: cutting, decoiling, punching, etc. 

3. processo de produção:

Oriented silicon steel is smelted by oxygen converter. The billet is hot rolled, normalized, cold rolled, annealed in the middle and cold rolled for the second time, then decarburized and annealed at high temperature, and finally coated with insulating layer.

Ore-iron making-steel making-hot rolling-pickling-cold rolling-annealing-cold rolling silicon steel (oriented electrical steel). 

4.Difference between CRGO and CRNGO:

Frio rolled oriented thin silicon steel strip is made by pickling, cold rolling and annealing oriented silicon steel strip with thickness of 0.30 or 0.35 mm. Cold rolled non-oriented silicon steel sheets are hot rolled into coils with a thickness of about 2.3mm from steel billets or continuous casting billets.


Frio rolled oriented silicon steel is mainly used to make transformer cores.


The magnetism of oriented silicon steel has strong directionality, which has the lowest iron loss value, the highest permeability and high magnetic induction value under a certain magnetization field.

Frio rolled silicon steel has the characteristics of smooth surface, uniform thickness, high stacking coefficient and good punching property, and has higher magnetic induction and lower iron loss than hot rolled silicon steel. Using cold enrolado silicon steel instead of hot enrolado silicon steel to manufacture motor or transformer can reduce its weight and volume by 0%-25%. If cold rolled oriented silicon steel is used, its performance will be better. Using it instead of hot rolled silicon steel or low-grade cold rolled silicon steel can reduce the power consumption of transformer by 45%-50%, and the working performance of transformer is more reliable.

Número modelo: ZZSC-1
Certificação: ISO9001
Quantidade mínima: Toneladas 25
Preço: Personaliza a tua
Detalhes da embalagem: Pacote marítimo padrão ou conforme solicitação do cliente
Tempo de entrega: 15 ~ 35 dias após o recebimento de L / C ou depósito
Condições de pagamento: T / T, L / C
Habilidade da fonte: Toneladas 10,000

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