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Sillion Steel

Home » PRODUCTS » Steel Products » Sillion Steel » Non Grain Oriented Silicon Steel

Non Grain Oriented Silicon Steel

    Thickness: 0.35-0.65mm

    Width: 40-1290mm

    ID: 508mm

The name : Non Grain Oriented Silicon Steel

Model : ZZ-W-014

Zhanzhi Group supply high quality Silicon Steel. We are one of China's leading steel mill manufacturers, and we promise our customers reliable quality, quick delivery and excellent post-sales service. 


Specifications Non-oriented Silicon Steel:
1) Thickness: 0.35mm, 0.50mm, 0.65mm
2) Width: 40-1290mm
3) Inner Diameter: 508mm
4) Coating: Insulation coating of T2, T4, HW, C5 and C6
5) Standard: GB/T2521-1996

Feature of Non-oriented Silicon Steel:
- Low core loss and high magnetic flux density
- High dimension accuracy, high surface quality and high stacking coefficient
- Insulation film on surface, sound insulate on properties and process ability


Applications of Non-oriented Silicon Steel:

- Electrical equipment of medium & Small industrial electric motors, 

- Compressors for household appliances

- Power transformers

- Welding machine transformers

- Current regulators

Dimension of Non-oriented Silicon Steel:

Reference table of Chinese and Foreign Standard:

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