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Pas d'accumulation, pas de pas, pas de miles

Heure: 2019-11-11 Visites: 2019-11-11

Rapport de la conférence de gestion du troisième trimestre du groupe Zhanzhi 2019

The third quarter business meeting of Zhanzhi Group in 2019 was held in Foshan, Guangdong from October 25 to 28, with more than 20 senior executives and general managers of each subsidiary attending the meeting. The agenda of this meeting includes work reports of subsidiaries, special meetings, brainstorming, youth league building activities, etc. Sharing the theme of team building in Guangdong Company brings inspiration and harvest to everyone. On the whole, the atmosphere of the meeting was good, and everyone actively participated in and shared, and offered suggestions. If it can be implemented well, the meeting will have certain effects.

General Manager Sun proposed that the meeting is one of the forms for everyone to learn from each other and learn from each other. It is required that the future of the meeting need to be constantly changed and innovated in order to make each meeting more effective and targeted.

At the same time, General Manager Sun commented on the Group's work in the third quarter and deployed the Group's work in the fourth quarter, and made clear requirements on performance evaluation and project implementation. It is pointed out that there is a causal relationship in the result of the work. We are more accumulating through the foundation and continuous learning to consolidate.

Finally, Mr. Sun shared with everyone: How we are today is not terrible, but how we are tomorrow is more important!