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Innovation et changement, rechercher un développement commun

Heure: 2019-08-26 Visites: 2019-08-26

La conférence semestrielle de gestion 2019 du groupe Zhanzhi s'est tenue à Jinjiang

In 2019, the semi-annual business meeting of Zhanzhi Group was held in Jinjiang, Fujian from August 1 to 4. About 60 senior executives of the group, managers of subsidiaries and newly hired senior executives attended the meeting. Each subsidiary focused on the business and management changes and upgrades in the first half of the year; At the same time, three special meetings were held, including procurement, processing and discussion on "people"; Xiamen Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. shared the experience of the conference on the practice of service and management improvement. Generally speaking, in the first half of the year, most of the subsidiaries have made good changes in their work this year, and they have shown good execution in implementing the requirements of the headquarters; The subsidiary's materials are well prepared, which ensures the high quality of meeting contents. The sharing of Xiamen Company and the presentation of the third transformation mode make everyone more confident in transformation and upgrading. The atmosphere of this conference is quite good, which reflects the high quality and team spirit of the cadres who show their records. The atmosphere of the discussion was also warm, and everyone actively participated and offered suggestions. Participants generally felt that the meeting had a large amount of information and had a good reference and learning value.

On the basis of listening to the report, General Manager Sun of the Group made a report on the overall operation of the group in the first half of the year, made accurate comments on the status of each subsidiary, and analyzed and predicted the current status of the industry and the future economic development. Clarified the focus of the next stage of work.

The key tasks are as follows: 1. Strengthen the management of the molecular company; 2. Strengthen the management of the Chongqing processing project, promote the planning of the land acquisition project in Chengdu, and carry out the investigation of the equipment renovation project in Shanghai; 3. Apply for the license of the car-free carrier, by setting up its own logistics platform, Reduce freight costs; 4. Further develop the Gundam system to solve the problem of multiple pick-ups; 5. Gradually plan the establishment of the Group’s financial sharing center; 6. Gradually establish the Group’s risk control system; 7. Procurement achieves a substantial breakthrough and establishes centralized purchasing power; 8 .Talent introduction: Strengthen the strength, the landing of important positions; 9. Training and learning of the middle and high-level team: let them have a more systematic, higher vision, wider mind and higher vision.

At the same time remind everyone to overcome two: 1. Overcome inertial thinking, old routines, old ideas, and return to the old way. 2. Overcome "short-termism". In this era, if we want to lead the industry, we need to do things that have the future, do what we have in the future, change our thinking, invest, and lay out.

And put forward several requirements:

1. Resolutely take the road of professional focus and value creation.

Only when the industry is deep can we seize business opportunities, develop new things, and encourage everyone to try as much as possible.

2. Create an atmosphere of learning and introspection.

3. To maintain service as our core strategy, our vision and mission are also around service.

4. Keep the struggle-oriented.

5. Maintain our competitiveness with teamwork.

In the future, if we don't talk about service, we will get rid of the problem, if we don't talk about innovation, we will fall behind, and if we don't talk about reform, we will have no hope.

Chairman Chen of the Group delivered an important speech: I hope that the newly hired senior executives of the subsidiaries will have a higher ideological strategy, a larger pattern and a stronger overall situation in their new positions. Be strict with yourself, lead by example, and set a good example for employees. At the same time, we must strengthen our learning, improve our own ability, and adapt to job changes as soon as possible. As soon as possible, sort out the work ideas, grasp the focus of the work, share the worries and solve the problems for the leaders of the molecular company where you are, and strive to make greater contributions to the development of the group as soon as possible in new positions.

Regarding promotion opportunities, master the principles: those with talents and virtue are given priority; those with virtue and talents are reluctant to use, those with talents and virtue are resolutely not used.

Finally, repeat the sentence that has been spoken for many years: "If you lose a sedan, you will not lose a sedan."

During the meeting, all the participants visited Wudian City, the birthplace of Jinjiang City, and visited the red brick buildings with the characteristics of southern Fujian, the "Royal Palace" red brick building, the Western-style western-style building, and other characteristic buildings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties to the Republic of China. Everyone was walking and chatting here, and their mood was relaxed.