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Galvanized Ringlock Scaffolding For Construction

Lugar de origen: China
Número de modelo: ZZSR-1
Certificaciones: ISO9001


1.Introducción del producto:

Ringlock scaffolding technology originated in Germany and is a mainstream product in Europe and America. The support frame is divided into vertical rods, cross rods, and inclined rods. There are eight holes on the disk, and four small holes are dedicated for cross rods; four large The hole is dedicated for diagonal rods. The connection method of the cross bar and the inclined bar are all bolt-type, which can ensure that the rods are firmly connected to the vertical rods.

The crossbar and diagonal rod joints are specially made according to the arc of the pipe, and they are in full-surface contact with the vertical steel pipe. After the bolt is tightened, it will be stressed at three points (two points on the upper and lower joints and one point for the bolt against the disc), which can be firmly fixed and increased. The structure is strong and transmits horizontal force. The crossbar head and the steel pipe body are fixed by full welding, and the force transmission is correct. The inclined rod head is a rotatable joint, and the inclined rod head is fixed to the steel tube body with rivets. As for the connection method of the vertical rod, the square tube connecting rod is the main method, and the connecting rod has been fixed on the vertical rod, and no additional joint components are required to combine, which can save the trouble of material loss and arrangement. 


1)Material: as per customer's requisito

2) Embalaje: embalaje estándar marinero

3)Surface treatment: galvanized, painted or as per customer's requisito

4)Size: as per customer's requisito



48 Series Standard

Φ48*3.25*200, Φ48*3.25*500, Φ48*3.25*1000, Φ48*3.25*1500, Φ48*3.25*2000, Φ48*3.25*2500, Φ48*3.25*3000


48 Series Ledger

Φ48*2.75*250, Φ48*2.75*550, Φ48*2.75*850, Φ48*2.75*1150, Φ48*2.75*1450, Φ48*2.75*1750


60 Series Standard

Φ60*3.25*200, Φ60*3.25*500, Φ60*3.25*1000, Φ60*3.25*1500, Φ60*3.25*2000, Φ60*3.25*2500, Φ60*3.25*3000


60 Series Ledger

Φ48*2.75*240, Φ48*2.75*540, Φ48*2.75*840, Φ48*2.75*1140, Φ48*2.75*1440,  Φ48*2.75*1740



Φ42*2.75*1610, Φ42*2.75*1710, Φ42*2.75*1860, Φ42*2.75*2040, Φ42*2.75*2620, Φ42*2.75*2810



1) Atecnología avanzada

2)Raw material upgrade

3)Hot-dip galvanizing process

4) calidad confiable

5)Large carrying capacity

6)Low dosage and light weight

7)Fast assembly, easy use, cost saving


Ringlock scaffolding is widely used in general viaducts and other bridge projects, tunnel projects, workshops, elevated water towers, power plants, oil refineries, etc., as well as the support design of special workshops. It is also suitable for overpasses, span scaffolds, storage shelves and other projects.

Número de modelo: ZZSR-1
Certificaciones: ISO9001
Cantidad mínima de pedido: Toneladas 10
Precio: Personalizado
Detalles del empaque: Paquete marinero estándar o según la solicitud del cliente
Tiempo de entrega: 15 ~ 35 días después de la recepción de L / C o depósito
Condiciones de pago: T / T, L / C
Capacidad de la fuente: Toneladas 10,000