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Galvanized Steel Bracket For Frames

Lugar de origen: China
Número de modelo: ZZSB-1
Certificaciones: ISO9001

Introducción del producto:

Steel brackets exposed to the weather should receive a hot dip galvanised coating to protect from corrosion. Holes drilled to steel brackets are typically drilled 2mm larger than the bolt size being used. Steel brackets can be made from a large range of steel sections, most common are (FMS) Flat Mild Steel, (EA) Equal Angle or (UA) Unequal Angle. 


1)Material:as per customer's requisito.

2) tamaño:según el cliente's requisito

3)Surface treatment: galvanized, perforated, powder coated, or as per customer's requisito

4) Embalaje: embalaje estándar marinero


Steel brackets come in all shapes and sizes and are often custom made for site-specific applications.

We stock a standard range of the most sought-after brackets for use in the construction of residential housing, including but not limited to:

 * Angle brackets in various sizes for bearer to bearer connections   

 * Servery brackets   

 * Apex brackets  

 * Dwarf wall brackets   

 * Pergola brackets   

 * Step tread brackets   

 * Post support stirrups 


Reinforce your work for added safety with these Galvanized Corner Braces. Perfect for treated lumber and interior/exterior applications. Adds strength to corners for doors, chests, furniture, screens, windows and other applications. Screws sold separately.

 * For use to reinforce flat surface right angle corner joints  

 * For box, chest and furniture construction or repair   

 * Galvanized finish for exterior applications  

 * Countersunk design allows flat head fasteners to sit flush with material

① Strong Galvanized Steel Construction

Galvanized steel construction makes this corner brace a strong and durable choice for reinforcing corners.

② Countersunk Design Accents Flathead Screws

Countersunk Design Accents Flathead Screws

③ Designed to Reinforce Right Angle Corner Joints

The L shape of this corner brace makes it ideal for reinforcing a right angle corner joint with a flat surface. 


The application of steel bracket including steel frames/electronic/appliance/ auto/industrial equipment metal stamping hardware parts.


*We can provide direct supply services for finished products

*We can act for import customs clearance

*We are familiar with the market and have many customers

*We have 20+ branches and 6 factories

Número de modelo: ZZ SB-1
Certificaciones: ISO9001
Cantidad mínima de pedido: Toneladas 25
Precio: Personalizado
Detalles del empaque: Paquete marinero estándar o según la solicitud del cliente
Tiempo de entrega: 15 ~ 35 días después de la recepción de L / C o depósito
Condiciones de pago: T / T, L / C
Capacidad de la fuente: Toneladas 10,000