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Conferencia anual de gestión del grupo Zhanzhi 2019 celebrada en Shanghai

Hora: 2019-04-16 Hits: 2019-04-16

The annual business meeting of Zhanzhi Group in 2019 was held in Dishui Lake, Shanghai from March 17th to 20th. Sun Zong, General Manager of the Group, made the Work Summary Report in 2018 and Chen Dong, Chairman of the Group, delivered an important speech. The meeting was attended by 54 senior executives of the Group, general managers of each subsidiary and heads of relevant departments. In order to improve the meeting atmosphere and enhance the meeting effect, according to the requirements of Chen Dong, the agenda of this meeting was innovated and optimized. The main topics of the meeting were focusing on the key work in 2019, the leaders of subsidiaries had sufficient free communication time, and the meeting rhythm was moderately relaxed. The materials reported by the subsidiaries are fully in place, and the work focus of the headquarters is clear. On the whole, the whole meeting atmosphere is warm; At this meeting, we listened carefully to the report of the Group General Manager and Chen Dong's speech, and listened to the work reports of various sectors, as well as the exchange speeches of three companies in Guangdong, Fujian and Chengdu on the contents of target management (Guangdong), team vitality (Fujian) and information function application (Chengdu) for other companies to learn from.

General Manager Sun's request: In 2019, we must recognize our own location and our existing difficult living environment. We can't wait for each other, practice hard work internally, and expand into new areas. Take profit as the guidance; take the risk control as the premise; take the target customer as the center. Trade is refined and then upgraded; make quality services, dig deeper into the value of each link, strive to have net profit for each company, complete the annual goal, and promote the company's high-quality development and speed up the track!

Chen Dong speech: After 15 years of large-scale operation, our company has accumulated rich experience in operating the company and operating the market. But the above two points alone do not mean that we can sit back and relax from now on. Due to historical reasons, in the past work, we have always been a style that emphasizes management rather than management. In the future, the company will achieve high-quality business goals and realize the vision of a long-term foundation. In order to better adapt to the country's current new economic normal and combine our own situation; I think we must continue to improve in four areas. I hope that the company will look forward to the future with long-term ambitions, never forget the original intention, maintain passion, and promote the company's various businesses to achieve high-quality development with solid results, and lay a solid foundation for the Group's vision to achieve a long-term foundation and build a century-old store!