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Bobina in acciaiu zincatu PPGI

Postu d 'Orighjini:China
Name Marca:ZHANZHI
Nombre Modèle:ZZ PPGI-1



Prepainted steel sheet is coated with organic layer, which provides higher anti-corrosion property and a longer life span than that of galvanized steel sheets.The base metals for prepainted steel sheet consist of cold-rolled, HDG electro-galvanized and hot-dip alu-zinc coated.The finish coats of prepainted steel sheets can be classified into groups as follows: polyester, silicon modified polyesters,polyvinylidene fluoride, high-durability polyester, etc.

The color of the prepainted steel sheet has a very wide selection,like orange, cream-colored, dark sky blue, sea blue, bright red,brick red, ivory white, porcelain blue, etc.

The prepainted steel sheets can also be classified into groups

by their surface textures, namely regular prepainted sheets,

embossed sheets and printed sheets.

The prepainted steel sheets are mainly provided for various

commercial purposes covering architectural construction,

electrical household appliances, transportation, etc


1. Contruction and building: roofing; ventilating duct; handrail; partition panel; etc.

2. Electric appliance: refrigerator; washing machine; microwave;DVD;etc.

3.Transportation:oil tank; road sign; etc.


5.Others:vending machine; game machine; etc.

quaternu di carichi:

Painting Category:

Parameter tecnicu:

Structure of Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil:

*Topcoat (finishing) which provides color, pleasing appearance and appearance and a barrier film to enhance long-term durability.

*Primer coat to prevent undercutting of paint and enhance corrosion resistance.

*Pretreatment layer applied for good adhesion and to enhance corrosion resistance.

*Base steel sheet.

Postu d 'Orighjini:China
Name Marca:ZHANZHI
Nombre Modèle:ZZ PPGI-1
Ordine Minimum Quantità:25 Tons
Prezzo:$ 575-600
Imballaggi Details:Pacchettu standard di mare o secondu a dumanda di u cliente
Time delivery:15 ~ 35 ghjorni dopu a ricevimentu di L / C o dipositu
Cunnizzioni Pudeti:T / T, L / C
Ability Ability:10,000 Tons

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