Steel pipe

The development of production Technology of steel tubes (Steel pipe) began in the rise of bicycle manufacturing. The development of oil in the early 19th century, the manufacture of ships, […]

Difference between precision steel tubes and seamless steel pipe

1, seamless steel tubes with obvious differences are: high dimensional accuracy, up to 0.05mm. 2, high precision steel inner and outer diameter surface finish, customers do not have the processing […]

Guide to inspired precious metal bed sheet

Galvanized page means floor having a layer associated with zinc-plated precious metal. Galvanized can be cost-effective and efficient preservative often employed procedures, about 50 % of entire world creation of […]

The key reason why dezincification involving galvanized in addition to galvanized menu firm desire weakens

Zinc-galvanized sheet the reason could lift off? Inside metal industry, often employ hot-dipped galvanized this sort of tactics for defense of metallic, but I learn that we have seen dropping […]