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Classification of Hot Rolled Steel Profile

Time : 2020-03-13 Hits : 2020-03-13

Let's take a look at the main components of the car and the main materials of parts!

1.Steel i Beam

The expression of steel i-beam: height value (h)X leg width value (b)X waist thickness value (d)

i-beams are calculated by: hd+2t(b-d)+0.577(r2-r12)

Such as: 450X150X11.5 (abbreviated as 45a)

2.Steel Channel

The expression of channel steel: height value (h)X leg width value (b)X waist width value (value)

Calculation method of channel steel: hd+2t(b-d)+0,339(r2- r12)

Such as: 200X75X9 (abbreviated as 20b)

3.Steel Angle