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What is the trend of the spot market price of profiles and building materials?

Time : 2022-01-21 Hits : 2022-01-21

On January 19, the price of profiles in the domestic profile market mainly rose, and the overall market transaction was average. The mainstream prices of profiles in various domestic markets mainly rose, with an increase of about 10 yuan/ton, and futures steel prices rose. According to the feedback of traders from all over the world, the market prices in some regions have risen slightly today. Due to the relaxation of policies, the futures have risen, driving the spot price to rise.

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However, the market is relatively cautious and the market transactions are average. It is understood that the downstream is also waiting and seeing. It can operate stably, and the market trading volume may be greatly improved. The price of profiles in Tangshan mainly rose, and the futures snails rose strongly, stimulating the volume of transactions. According to statistics, as of 16:30, the total shipment volume of 24 section steel mills in Tangshan is about 56,920 tons. The price of billets in Qian'an area has risen by 50 yuan at the end of today, and it is expected that the spot price will be stronger tomorrow.

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On January 19, the overall price of the building materials market fluctuated strongly, and the overall transaction was bleak. The futures rebounded sharply as a whole, and the monetary policy was expected to improve, which boosted the steel market. On January 20, stability was the mainstay.

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