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The first wave of "Steel Enterprises Production Limitation and Work Stop Order" issued in the new year!

Time : 2022-01-04 Hits : 2022-01-04

In early January 2022, heavy pollution weather struck again in many parts of the country, provinces and cities have launched warnings of heavy pollution weather one after another, and key industries such as iron and steel are once again facing production stoppages. At present, 10 cities in 4 provinces of Hebei, Henan, Shanxi and Hubei have issued this round of emergency responses to heavy pollution weather. This has been less than a week since the last time many provinces and cities lifted the emergency response on a large scale.

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Since the beginning of autumn and winter, heavy pollution weather has increased significantly in many provinces across the country, and many regions have also activated heavy pollution weather warnings in a short period of time. For iron and steel enterprises, it is faced with frequent start-stop measures to stop production and limit production! Especially since January 1, 2022, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Henan and other provinces and cities have launched stricter measures to stagger production and limit production by 30%! This is an unprecedented challenge for the steel industry and steel enterprises! The delivery time of galvanized, galvanized, color-coated and other products may also be affected to some extent.

Ecological protection is related to people's well-being and sustainable social and economic development. In the face of worsening regional diffusion conditions and the imminent occurrence of a long-term, large-scale heavy pollution process, iron and steel enterprises should also make pre-judgments in advance and take emergency control measures in advance to avoid untimely responses. Decreasing the emission intensity in the early stage of pollution accumulation, thereby achieving "pollution peak reduction", is the key to whether the emergency response to heavy pollution can be effective.

Everyone is responsible for the prevention and control of air pollution, and iron and steel enterprises must fulfill their social responsibilities. Strictly implement various emergency emission reduction measures for heavily polluted weather, strictly control every link of production in accordance with environmental protection requirements, make every effort to achieve green and high-quality development of the steel industry, and contribute to winning the battle to defend the blue sky! At the same time, if you are interested in our galvanized, galvanized, color-coated or other products, you can contact us for quotation at any time!