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Zhanzhi Group's 2021 business meeting meeting report

Time : 2021-11-22 Hits : 2021-11-22

Strive for quality and strength, layout for the future

The 2021 Zhanzhi Group's year-end business meeting was held at the Shanghai headquarters from November 20th to 23rd. A total of 28 people including group executives and general managers of subsidiaries attended the meeting. The agenda of this meeting mainly includes the business scale of each subsidiary in 2022, resource sources, key business goals, reports on achieving target business ideas, discussion on the promotion of standardization work, and formulation of landing schedules. The content of the meeting was extensive, the discussion was enthusiastic and in-depth, and the sharing was referential, giving everyone a certain amount of inspiration and harvest.

Group General Manager Sun

We have relaxed the meeting time and used four days of meetings to open up working ideas, clarify the path of advancement, clarify the planning of resources for next year, and promote a new milestone in the advancement of standardization through in-depth discussions. 

Whether it is through sharing new ideas and methods that can be used for reference during the meeting, or our standardization work to promote the standardization of the whole group, these are all for profit, all in order to accumulate and precipitate. What I want to emphasize here is that we must think first, transform our thinking mode, focus on the future, and plan for the future. In the development of the times, if we cannot actively jump out of traditional thinking and still stick to traditional play, this will narrow our vision and solidify our thinking, let us work superficially, do not deepen our business, and promote the industry. It is a fur, it will be difficult to survive and develop in the future.

The traditional method is to rely on one end, but now it is necessary to continuously extend the resources and downstream two ends, relying on the entire chain to closely integrate multiple powers. We advocate cultivating resource channels, building market capabilities, accumulating high-quality customers, and striving for quality and strength is still our main line of development in recent years. 

Through discussion on resources, each company will make adjustments after the meeting. The overall requirement is that next year's resources will be more targeted. Striving to be rewarded in terms of resources and business models, and reducing unnecessary risks and losses are the core principles of this meeting.

Standardization work has a large amount of information and involves a wide range of areas. We must think ahead of the difficulties and think more. Every family must pay attention to it, must invest, and must land.

This meeting is a big discussion on next year's resource planning, and is a new milestone for the advancement of standardization work. Through the meeting, everyone has a clearer view of the work direction next year, more extended work ideas, and a clearer path for work advancement. Let us continue to strive for quality and strength together and lay out the future!