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Walk hand in hand on the road

Time : 2021-02-26 Hits : 2021-02-26

The first run of Zhanzhi in the new year

Years don't live, heaven rewards diligence. In the past year, we have overcome the difficulties, made concerted efforts and achieved good results! At the start of construction, all the staff of Xiamen Zhanzhi started a new chapter in 2021 by running first in the Spring Festival!

zhanzhi 2.26.1

The distance from the Dream Bay of Guanyin Mountain to the Asian Bay is 9 kilometers, showing new vitality and new hope in spring everywhere. The tenacity and hard work of the exhibitor in the sports lens is the best interpretation of this beautiful scenery. The spirit of sports lies in a kind of transcendence, and surpassing oneself is a kind of success. Although the track has an end, the persistence and efforts of Zhanzhi have no end! Come on, 2021! Come on!

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