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The foundation of enterprise life, the quality month activity was successfully carried out

Time : 2021-06-03 Hits : 2021-06-03

At 18:00 on May 6th, Quanzhou Zhanzhi Processing organized a mobilization meeting for the May Quality Month event to further consolidate the quality system, create a strong quality assurance atmosphere throughout the company, and strive for development with product quality, thereby enhancing corporate competition force. At the level of definition and publicity, the pursuit of quality not only has the concept of product quality, but also extends to the quality of various operations and functional work. It is our persistent goal to label all work outputs as "qualified". From the individual's will and execution, to the company's strategy and guidance, are our directions.

zhanzhi 6.3

At the mobilization meeting, the company’s executive vice president Mr. Nie expressed his attitude towards zero-defect quality, and he also had confidence and determination to improve the quality assurance work in the future. At the same time, he believed that the strength of the team was invincible and placed high expectations. Respond positively.

Under the situation of increasing market competition, quality construction is one of the key business objectives for 2021, and it assumes an important strategic position. The organization of this mobilization meeting has aroused the motivation of all employees to the new "quality" goal, which is of great significance.

For one month, under the strong leadership of the Quanzhou Processing Quality Month activity team, the production personnel were actively mobilized to operate and inspect strictly in accordance with the quality requirements. When new abnormalities occur, they will work together, focus on key parts, debug and test, and overcome problems. source.

At 18:00 on May 31st, the Quality Month event organized a summary meeting. At the meeting, outstanding individuals and excellent production lines were commended. Mr. Nie summarized the activities and encouraged all employees to continuously strengthen quality awareness and improve quality control capabilities. , The Quality Month activity is a consolidation and also represents a new journey. "Quality management" is an endless subject. Only when quality is guaranteed can the life of the enterprise be continued.