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The 13th sports competition of Zhanzhi Group

Time : 2021-12-08 Hits : 2021-12-08

Hundreds of refining into steel, aiming to be healthy

With the unrestrained enthusiasm and the warmth of the sunrise in winter, Fujian Zhanzhi is doing enough to prevent and control the epidemic. Nearly 140 athletes from the two representative teams of Xiaquan Industry and Trade and Fuzhou Industry and Trade, ushered in Fuzhou The 13th Fujian Zhanzhi Games.

The beauty of sports is endless, and the flowers of bodybuilding are dazzling. Let us uphold the spirit of safety first, unity, love, and hard work, and sway our passion on the court.

(1) Race review: swimming

The first stop of the race schedule-swimming. The athletes in the swimming pool are like smart notes in the water, accompanied by the waves and flowers, playing a perfect movement, bringing the audience an unparalleled sensory enjoyment and ups and downs.

Swimming is the traditional sports strength of Fuzhou Industry and Trade. The representative team won the first place in the four individual events of women's singles 50 meters, men's singles 50 meters, men's singles 200 meters, and men's relay. Because of the adequate training and solid foundation of the masses before the competition, the Fuzhou Industry and Trade Swimming Team broke the historical records of 4 sports games in one fell swoop.

(2) Race review: middle-aged marathon

The new bright spot of the middle-aged marathon. It is composed of 8 men and 5 women in the age group over 35 years old and representatives from both parties. The 13 athletes of each team added up the minutes of the 3km long run and took the least time to win. The Fujian District Games Organizing Committee, which has always been the organizer of the event, also sent 3 representatives to participate in the event for the first time. This shows that the importance of strengthening the physique of middle-aged people and developing sports habits is fully emphasized.

Along the pleasant scenery along the Minjiang River, there was a long and fierce competition among middle-aged people. The first batch of 10 women in the middle-aged group went ahead. The Fuzhou Women's Industry and Trade Team won the absolute time sum advantage and took the top five in the women's group. The second batch of 16 men's teams in the middle-aged group finished the game with the Xiaquan Industry and Trade team leading. In the end, the Fuzhou Industry and Trade Representative Team won the project.

(3) Tournament review: badminton

The third game of the game was badminton. The atmosphere of the game was very strong. The players went lightly and saw the small ball going back and forth in the air, which was dizzying. In the end, Xiaquan Industry and Trade took the absolute advantage and won the game.

(4) Tournament review: table tennis

Then came the fourth game of table tennis. Every ball on the court was dazzling. The exquisite arcs all showed the strength of the contestants. In the end, Xiaquan Industry and Trade won the game with absolute advantage.

(5) Tournament review: Basketball

The last game on the first day of the schedule was an eye-catching basketball game. The two teams from Fuxia and Xiamen fought against each other, and both players performed their best. The spirit of hard work and unity is vividly displayed.

The midfielder's women's shooting 5 VS 5 stage was tense and climaxed. In the end, Xiaquan Industry and Trade took a 10-point lead and won the championship of this basketball game. This is also the second victory of the Xiamen Quan Industry and Trade Team in the history of the Games.

(6) Tournament review: football

The next day the schedule opened with football, and the game began with a whistle from the referee. Amid the cheering from the cheerleaders on both sides, and the cheering from the team members on both sides, the game quickly entered the state.

Whether it was the fierce offensive of Xiaquan Industry and Trade in the blue uniform, or the delicate footwork and ingenious cooperation of Fuzhou Industry and Trade in the pink uniform, it was very exciting. In the end, Fuzhou Industry and Trade won 2:1. Contest.

(7) Race review: kilometer long-distance race

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the kilometer long-distance race is restricted to 40 participants per team. But still can't stop the athletes' high enthusiasm and enthusiasm for participation.

The players on both sides have high morale, stand on the track, surpass their opponents, and surpass themselves! In the end, Xiaquan Industry and Trade won the victory with a score of 5 points ahead of the individual team.

(8) Race review: 100-meter relay

The final event of the Games-30*100 relay race. When the total game points are close to each other, this item determines the victory or defeat of the team in this Games!

With the firing of the referee's starting gun, the athletes on the field are striving to make every effort. The teammates off the field were in high spirits, and the shouts and cheers resounded throughout the track and field.

100 meters is a contest of speed and reaction; the relay race is a competition of unity and tacit understanding. The baton is passed in the hands of the athletes, and a small rod is used to firmly hand over the victory in the hands to the next person. The players from both sides did their best for the final battle of honor. In the end, Fuzhou Industry and Trade took the lead in crossing the finish line with a three-second advantage and won the championship trophy of the current Games.


Hundreds of refining into steel, aiming for health——Zhanzhi Group’s 13th Games, after 2 days of passionate participation of 140 athletes on site, and the careful organization of the refereeing committee’s working group, we realized that sports bring life, work, and team Joy. See you again on the sports field in 2022!