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Implement safety responsibilities and promote safety development

Time : 2021-07-10 Hits : 2021-07-10

June 2021 is the 20th National "Safe Production Month", Quanzhou Zhanzhi Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Quanzhou Processing) Combined with Exhibition Group Requests the Center for "Implementing Safety Responsibility, Promoting Safety Development" A series of various forms of forms, rich and safe production months, create a good atmosphere of security workers, and people's tubes, fundamentally eliminating safety hazards, reducing various safety accidents.

Startup Ceremony: To further strengthen safety production publicity and education, stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprise employees, master safety production knowledge, so that employees have truly participate in safety management work, strengthen employee safety awareness, and achieve since then "to be safe" I want to be safe ". On May 31st, Quanzhou Processing organized the launching meeting of the safety production month, and the executive Deputy Misti He always emphasized the theme of this event and the necessaryity and importance of activities, while telling about the importance of safe production.

Publicity and promotion: Hanging banners with the theme of "counterfeit illegal violations", using LED display to put "implementation of safety responsibility, promotion of safety development", the topic of the topic; according to the work of work in the workshop, formulating typical violations Training learning (such as: driving operation, strip operation, opening operation class), and organizes to watch "Production Safety Accident Warning Education".

Activity highlight:

Self-examination and self-correction - self-examination of the habitual violations of its own team in the form of the class group. Keep a focus and exposure when you ask for a person, through the supervision and investigation of all teams, and a total of 30 people are discovered. At the same time, through self-examination and self-correction, all employees have new understandings and understandings about the behavior of habitual violations, greatly enhance employee's self-safety awareness.

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The simulation site - the person in charge of the departments of Nie General organizes the various sectors of the class, and discusses the method of analyzing and discussing the habitual violations of the absence of it, summarizing the methods of safety management. Nie always stated that the ideas and provisions of follow-up safety management must be persistent, there must be loosened, and the violations of this event should be posted, publicize the education, and the education is treated. The personnel have a specific, targeted conversation, let them realize the importance of security.

Emergency fire drill - 17:30 pm on June 26th, Quanzhou processing organization emergency fire drill, simulating the drills of escape routes, emergency evacuation, most employees can effectively organize, and quickly respond to fire accident alerts. Skill training, also organized the use of fire equipment, such as fire extinguishers, fire hydrant, fire water belt, and make employee practice. Through the drill, the employee has mastered certain fire protection knowledge, enhances the ability of employees in emergencies and self-protection.zzsteel 7.10.2

The selection team is the safety star - "Ban Group Security Star" is a way we establish a company's security benchmark model, and it is also a chance to obtain personal honors in safe production. Three "team safety stars" in the safety accidents, illegal violations, security recommendations, four non-injustishes, and safety training are evaluated by the comprehensive assessment of various teams, the active selection group, the enthusiasm of the safety accident, illegal violation, security recommendations, the priorigence principles and safety training.

Through the "safety production month" activities, Quanzhou processing has been working on safe production, safety knowledge, safety skills, safety team construction, etc., further enhances the performance of employees and management personnel. heart. Safety production is not small, safe production is not despised, and safety month activities are consolidated, and it is also a departure. In the next security work, it is necessary to persist in self-optimization of cyclic reciprocation, continuously strengthen safety training and post standardization, improve employees. The overall quality, enabling everyone's ability to protect, and truly form a benign circulation of "everyone pays attention to safety, everyone to enjoy safety", so that the company's safety production situation continues to stabilize, so that the company has developed steadily.