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From home to home, the same warmth

Time : 2021-08-30 Hits : 2021-08-30

Group Headquarters Family Day Activities

In the scorching summer, with heat waves, what made us abandon our comfortable air-conditioned rooms and gather together under the scorching heat? Of course it is full of love! The headquarters of Zhanzhi Group invited nearly 30 employees and a total of 54 people from their families to participate in this event. From the small family to everyone, the Zhanzhi family gathered together because of love and started a relaxing and fun day trip. Historical and cultural journeys, DIY, "Chinese Doctor" movies, diversified itinerary arrangements, and laughter throughout the entire event.

1. Visit Sixing Warehouse

A hundred years of trials and hardships, the vicissitudes of the first century, to celebrate the centenary of the party, the group headquarters specially organized a historical and cultural tour-visit the Shanghai Sixing Warehouse Anti-Japanese War Memorial. Early in the morning, everyone gathered at the gate of the four-row warehouse and took a group photo with a small red flag. Everyone's face was filled with bright smiles.

The Shanghai Sixing Warehouse Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall is based on the famous "Four-xing Warehouse Defense War" at home and abroad. According to the concept of "respect for history and true reflection", it is displayed under the banner of the Anti-Japanese National United Front and the background of the all-out Anti-Japanese War. It was held in August 1937. In the late period of the 13th Songhu Anti-Japanese War, more than 420 officers and soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 524th Regiment, 262 Brigade, 88th Division of the Chinese Army (known as the "800 Warriors"), were ordered to stand by the Four Lines Warehouse and the touching deeds of the heroic resistance.

In the exhibition hall, one by one historical pictures, one page after another document materials, and a series of realistic statues of people, let us feel the love of the heroes for their homeland and the country, and the bloody integrity of the sword on the narrow road.

2. Happy lunch time

After the visit, along the Suzhou River, everyone came to Burger King to have a meal. At the table, enjoy the wonderful time for the family, enjoying the relaxed and delicious western fast food, and enjoying the full sense of happiness. Here, children are holding children’s toys for a "small meeting", and older friends hand-written cards to hold a "Werewolf Killing Conference".

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3. Leisure and parent-child activities

After lunch, there is a parent-child family activity, each family can choose freely according to their preferences. Children who love to move go to DIY green plants or wooden combs, design their own wonderful works with their parents and make a different gift. The children of Xi Jing can watch the movie "Chinese Doctor" with adults, which is based on the real events of the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020. It tells the shocking story of people in white clothes from all over China who have stepped forward in this vast "battle", raced against the clock and rushed to the front line in Wuhan, regardless of their own safety and security.

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Come with anticipation and return with satisfaction. The family is the warmest harbor for every employee. Taking Family Day as an opportunity, let the family members feel the warmth and vitality of the Zhanzhi family more closely. The annual Family Day at Zhanzhi Headquarters has come to an end. Let us take this joy and passion into the next stage of work.

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