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Embrace spring, sow hope

Time : 2021-03-15 Hits : 2021-03-15

Spring returns to the earth and Vientiane is renewed. It is a good season for planting and cultivation. On the morning of March 6th, all employees of the Chongqing Zhanzhi Volunteer Industry and Trade Organization launched the Arbor Day and Spring Festival with the theme of "Embrace Spring and Seed Hope".


The construction of the Chongqing Zhanzhi Industry and Trade Processing Factory was completed last year, and there are still large green belts around the factory area waiting to be beautified. 2021 is a new year for the industry and trade of Chongqing Zhanzhi Volunteers. To green and beautify the factory environment, enhance the corporate image, and build a beautiful home for employees, we need to work together to create!


Early in the morning, all employees set off by bus and arrived at the processing plant at 9 o'clock in the morning. In this event, one is because the processing plant is far away from the trade headquarters, and many employees have never been to the processing plant. Take this opportunity to strengthen the exchanges between the two sides; the second is to take advantage of the Spring Arbor Day to green the processing plant environment and plant seedlings by hand. , Sowing our hope. After the gathering, Mr. Xu gave a mobilization speech to boost everyone's morale. The activity was divided into 15 groups, each with about 7 people, of which 5 groups were responsible for the transplanting of fruit trees, and 10 groups were responsible for the planting of young saplings. As soon as each team received the task list, under the organization of the team leader, each team member performed his duties, receiving tools, sorting seedlings, and preparing the ground. The atmosphere was very lively.

zhanzhi Embrace spring, sow hope 2

Even though the patter of rain did not affect everyone’s interest and passion, everyone was wearing raincoats, holding hoes and shovel, and they were very motivated. The boys dig pits, the seedlings are planted, the soil is filled, and the girls are pouring. Watering of water, supplementing of materials, orderly division of labor and cooperation, and tacit cooperation, work in full swing, full of laughter and laughter everywhere. The members of each group help each other, the task of this group is completed, and help colleagues in other groups continue to do it, just like family, regardless of you and me.


The guys who don't usually do housework at home, although their hands are worn out, their clothes are dirty, and their shoes are covered with thick soil, everyone doesn't care and continues to work hard. Planting saplings full of vitality into the ground also planted the hopes and dreams of Chongqing Zhanzhi people. After planting the saplings, the groups put up the saplings in both hands, took out their mobile phones to take pictures, witnessing this beautiful moment, and looking forward to the processing plant in a few years, the trees are verdant, the flowers blooming, and the fruits are fruitful, a beautiful and vibrant scene .

zhanzhi Embrace spring, sow hope 3

After planting the trees, under the leadership of the production manager of the processing plant, we lined up neatly to visit the production line of the processing plant. Along the planned tour route, Manager Chen of the Production Department walked and explained. Hot rolling production line, cold rolling production line, inventory area, finished product area, truck driving route, production operation process, current production situation, etc. are all explained one by one. Through this visit, all colleagues are also familiar with the production process of our processing plant, which is convenient for future business contacts and development.


In the afternoon, we came to the beautiful Dingshan Park in Jiangjin, climbing the mountain and enjoying the beautiful scenery in the park, which was pleasing to the eyes and in a happy mood. The plan for a year lies in the spring, and Chongqing Zhanzhi will also set sail in the spring and sail to the other shore of hope and dream!

zhanzhi Embrace spring, sow hope