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Dongli Lake Hiking Activities of Zhanzhi

Time : 2021-04-26 Hits : 2021-04-26

Hold hands, let's walk together


In April, Tianjin is full of spring, light clouds and light breeze. In this spring, all things are recovering, we welcome our Tianjin Zhanzhi's first quarter of 2021 Dongli Lake 12-kilometer trekking team building activity.

At 8:30 on Saturday morning, everyone arrived at the Dongli Lake meeting point early, everyone’s face was filled with sweet smiles, everyone went into battle lightly, geared up and eager to try, as if they were riveting for the 12 kilometers. Secretly made up my mind, no matter how tired we are, we will all walk hand in hand to the end!

 zhanzhi 0.1

After leaving a group photo of us, the hike officially began. The partners started to hike 12 kilometers, and everyone supported each other and moved forward together, which may also symbolize the re-start of our aspiring people, to rush to the battlefield for our common goal this year and win! The sun was shining brightly and the breeze came slowly. We walked while enjoying the beautiful scenery around us. The goal was the end, but everyone was enjoying the process. Everyone was very good. Soon someone walked 10 kilometers and took pictures and uploaded them at the check-in point. The others were not to be outdone, and kept up with the army and finished the whole journey. Talking and laughing and walking, 6 kilometers, 8 kilometers, 10 kilometers, 12 kilometers, reached the end! All of Zhanzhi's friends have defeated the 12 kilometers, and no one is left behind.

 zhanzhi 1.1

zhanzhi 2.1

In this trek, everyone felt the power of unity and the happiness of never giving up. We have been thinking about what kind of power allows us to defeat ourselves? Maybe it is the persistence to the goal, maybe the trust in the team, maybe...

zhanzhi 3.1 zhanzhi 4

Finally is our awards session...

 zhanzhi 5.1

None of this may be so important, but the most valuable thing is that everyone will be rewarded if they participate!