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Consolidate the business foundation and build a helping operation

Time : 2021-11-05 Hits : 2021-11-05

2021 Shanghai Industry and Trade Third Quarter Management Conference Report

The 2021 Shanghai Industry and Trade Third Quarter Management Conference was successfully held on October 29t in the "Songming Garden•Zichun Hall" in Jiading, where the mountains are high and the water is long, and a total of 13 managers from Shanghai Industry and Trade participated in the operation meeting.

This meeting mainly reviewed the company’s operations in the third quarter. Through data analysis, everyone found work highlights, found key gaps, and explored essential problems. At the same time, they maintained an objective problem-solving attitude, constantly colliding ideas, actively discussing, and reaching a team consensus. And initially formed the action plan for the next stage. The effect of this meeting basically met expectations.

Mr. Cai concluded:

Affirmed the basic work of the company's various departments in the third quarter: the development of industry work; the initial construction of product capabilities; the steady development of financial basic accounting and the basic establishment of the operating framework; the work of logistics processing was sorted out and the preliminary adjustment was completed; the professionalism of personnel and administrative work And it is faster to integrate with management. It is proposed that the fourth quarter will focus on consolidating the foundation, entering a state of structural adjustment, and efficient coordination, focusing on the group needs of people and customers, and helping the team build confidence. At the same time, preliminary expectations were made for the key tasks for next year. It is required that processing, finance, human resources, and logistics must be based on the current operating status and planning of this meeting and comprehensively consider forming a key work plan for next year.

In the end, everyone said that the focus of the next stage of work has become clearer, and the path to reach is clear. They are all confident that they will go all out to complete the company's business goals for the fourth quarter and make plans for next year in advance.