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Consistent goals, consistent implementation, united will

Time : 2021-04-01 Hits : 2021-04-01

2021 Shanghai Industry and Trade Annual Work Deployment Conference

The 2021 Shanghai Industry and Trade Annual Work Deployment Conference was held in Wuxi from March 12th to 14th. 23 people from the Group's General Manager Sun, Shanghai Industry and Trade General Manager Cai and Bai, various department managers and supervisors and above attended the meeting. The agenda of this meeting includes pre-conference meetings, work reports and comments, and signing of annual work goals. The overall content of the meeting was detailed and the discussion atmosphere was good, which basically met the expectations of the meeting.

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The pre-conference will be divided into two levels to discuss "how to cultivate and improve the industry service perspective", "cost control and risk control management mechanism" and "marketing variety processing collaboration" to clarify ideas for the actual advancement of later work. And reached specific measures and achieved certain conference gains.

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In the work report and the signing of annual goals, the speakers cut into the theme and have substantive content, reflecting everyone's pragmatic work attitude and result-oriented determination.

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Finally, Mr. Sun put forward six work requirements, two reminders and expectations in terms of operation and management.

Six work requirements:

1. Solve the problem of mismatch of resources and terminal services;

2. To solve the problem of processing mismatch, the integration of industry and trade is an eternal topic;

3. Establish a risk control system;

4. Improve unit productivity;

5. The issue of strengthening functional capacity building;

6. Strengthen team building and form a clear team culture.

Two reminders:

1. Balance system development;

2. Reach a consensus on management work.

Two expectations:

1. The team must have the atmosphere and ability to solve problems;

2. The team must have an entrepreneurial mentality.

All the participants expressed their confidence that it will be completed.

During the meeting, everyone took part in a 10-kilometer hike, laughed and laughed all the way, and narrowed the distance between each other. At the same time, they might have realized that only perseverance can see different scenery.

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2021 is a year of reform and reconstruction of Shanghai's industry and trade to lay a solid foundation. Through the meeting, everyone's belief will be firmer, the direction will be clearer, the path will be clearer and the enthusiasm will be higher. We believe that as long as we work together towards the same goal, we will be able to achieve the annual work goals with quality and quantity.

We have the same goal, implementation, and unity!

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