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2021 Zhanzhi Group's Fifth Games Report

Time : 2021-11-16 Hits : 2021-11-16

Show your youth and be happy


Sports are everywhere, and youth never give up. In order to establish team spirit and enhance team awareness, in this harvest season, Guangdong Company & Guangxi Company jointly organized the Fifth Sports Meeting with the theme of "Exhibition of Youth and Happiness". This sports meeting demonstrated the spirit of Guangdong Company & Guangxi Company to constantly surpass itself and the sports quality of "Friendship First, Competition Second".

On the morning of November 6, with the passionate athlete march, loud slogans, and vigorous pace, first the Red Flag team entered the arena, followed by the Bunting team and 6 athlete teams. The athletes of each team were full of vigor and spirit. In view of the youthful vigor of Zhanzhi people, after the grand announcement of Mr. Wang, the fifth "Zhanzhi Youth•Happy Aspirations" Games of Guangdong Zhanzhi & Guangxi Zhanzhi officially opened.

In order to meet the changes of the venue, the Games will be adjusted to 10 team events and 4 individual events. The team events include: 1. Three-person basketball competition; 2. Women's fixed-point shooting; 3. Tug-of-war competition; 4. Return running relay competition ; 5. Team skipping; 6. Drums to beat the ball; 7. Return to the giant's footsteps; 8. Standing long jump; 9. Badminton mixed competition; 10. Morale display. The individual events include: 1. Pull-ups; 2. Individual skipping; 3. Wrist-wrestling competition; 4. Sit-ups. The high proportion of team projects in this Games reflects the company's emphasis on teamwork to a certain extent.

The sharp edge of the sword comes from sharpening, and the fragrance of plum blossom comes from the bitter cold. After a month of hard training, the teams performed very well. Many competitions broke the highest record in the past. The rankings can be described as reverse and reverse! As of the evening of November 6, the championship, second and third place is basically a foregone conclusion, but there is still a style that touches us, that is the most essential character of sports, and it is also the most true and natural emotional expression of friends in the competition. This kind of unity and forge ahead spirit, it makes the original cruel competition bring a man-made imprint, and brings a true feeling; it makes sports have a quality worth praising in addition to performance, I believe that is the most touching thing, it is long The history of sports that exists in our Zhanzhi is deeply embedded in the thoughts of our Zhanzhi people.

The 1.5 days plus 1 night competition came to an end on November 7. First of all, thank the athletes for dedicating us to the wonderful competition, which made us deeply feel the existence of a spirit, the spirit of bravely climbing the peak, and it is constantly surpassing Spirit is our spirit to challenge the limit. Finally, I would like to thank the staff behind the scenes for their silent dedication. It is precisely because of them that they can make the Games a complete success. Zhanzhi thank you for having it!