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2021 Zhanzhi Group Winter Barbecue Activity

Time : 2021-12-18 Hits : 2021-12-18

Don’t smell human fireworks • But cannibalistic delicacies

"If the sky is sentimental and the sky is old, the world is right to eat barbecue!" Barbecue is a popular delicacy. Whether it is in the hot summer or the cold winter, the scene where everyone gathers to cook food makes people feel Very happy. In order to create a warm and united atmosphere, Guangdong Zhanzhi held a winter barbecue on December 18th, 2021.

At noon, the friends arrived at the event site-Huaguoshan Farm. In the food area, the table is full of various foods, including chicken wings, crispy bones, beef, shrimp, meatballs, various vegetables, fruits, sugar water, cakes, drinks and condiments. Faced with the abundance of food, the friends showed their talents one after another. They put all kinds of barbecue items on the barbecue tray in an orderly manner, brushed the oil, sprinkled the seasoning, flipped...they were so busy that they only saw the food. The shelves creaked and gradually became golden. The friends exchanged and learned with each other, and baked a lot of delicious food.

And the hot pot area is not to be outdone, and jointly brews "Chicken Soup for the Soul" to get rid of the chills of the body and mind, and eat happily! During the chat and laugh, I forgot my worries, relieved fatigue, and fully experienced the fun of barbecue + hot pot activities. The fragrance of the food and everyone's laughter remained at the farm for a long time.

There are also entertainment projects such as fishing, mahjong, billiards, and open-air KTV in the farm. The friends can go to war and have a lot of fun with their hobbies!

This barbecue event not only gives the company employees the opportunity to show themselves, but also allows everyone to relax after stressful work. It also allows employees to understand each other and enhance friendship in a variety of activities, and better integrate the Guangdong Exhibition. Zhi’s team centripetal force not only relieved work pressure, but also cultivated sentiment. Everyone not only reaped laughter and laughter, but also strengthened the close interaction between each other, allowing each other to gain a strong warmth in the cold winter.