Household Electrical Appliances

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Air Conditioner

①DC51D+Z, DC53D+Z, etc
②DC51D+Z, DC53D+Z etc
③ST37-2G, etc
④DC51D+Z, DC53D+Z , etc


①DC51D+Z/AZ, DC53D+Z/AZ, etc
②DC01, DC03, DC51D+Z, etc

Air Conditioner

①TDC51D+Z/AZ, CGCC, TDC53D+Z/AZ, etc
②TDC51D+Z/AZ, CGCC, TDC53D+Z/AZ, etc
③DC51D+Z/AZ, DC53D+Z/AZ etc
④S350GD+Z, etc
With the development of the times and the progress of science and technology, spraying and printing iron technology will be gradually replaced by coated iron.

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